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So friends, do you also play free fire, if you do not play, then you must have seen people playing it somewhere in your street, you must have also wondered what is free fire and how to play it And what is its history, so friends, if you do not know anything about it, then there is no problem, today we will tell you all the things about it in detail.

So friends, first of all let me tell you that Free Fire is a mobile game that people play for fun, its full name is Garena Free Fire, it is a battle royale game, people play this game with their friends either alone or as a single. This game is an online game, this game first came to the public on 23rd August 2017 The Pro version i.e. Free Fire Max is also going to be around 100 million but the sad thing is that in our country India this game has been banned in 2022, the reason for its closure is that it has to be manufactured by China. The game or allegation that it has stolen the data of Indian people, that is why the government has banned the free fire game in India.

And it is expected that in the coming time it may take a long time for Free Fire to come back to India and the Indian government is strongly against this game because it is alleged that this game hinders the mental development of children. It is being made that children have been playing this game all day, due to which they are not doing other activities like hanging out, meeting friends, playing jumping, that is why the government had an eye on the Versus game for a long time and when given a chance, the government Banned this game immediately

So friends, now let's talk about how this game is played and what are the features of this game.

So friends, first of all let me tell you that this is an online game that you can play this game with your friends or you can also play this game alone, in this game you will be dropped with 50 people on an island where you have to You have to stay alive till the end by killing each other. The person who stays alive till the end is called the winner of this game, which is called the buoy in this game. In this game you can do many things like drive a car, run a gun, enter the house and not enter the house. can kill people etc.

Along with India, the game has become sister or is on the verge of being in many other countries as well because in this game the fight is shown, which affects the mentality of the children and the children are not able to study and write.

Let us also tell you that many people are earning money from this game by making videos on YouTube, there are many fans of this game who watch their videos and their way of playing and enjoy in our country and outside. Many people in the country make videos on free fire key on youtube and it is very famous free fire 1 online game as well as e support platform where people playing tournaments with their skills and earning both their name and money in the world. There are many such youtube showers in our country like Batch 99 Ajju Bhai Lokesh Gamer etc. are illuminating the name of our country on YouTube.

So friends, do you know who is the biggest opponent of free fire game, if you do not know, then let me tell you that the biggest opponent of pubg free fire is also officially and their fans also always fight with each other because they are fighting with each other. Always degrade them that their game is better and their companies also do the same thing Many times these two companies have tried to humiliate each other on a very big level.

So friends would tell you that pubg has also been banned in our country India, that is why many people started playing Garena Free Fire, but then the pubg maker Craft and Tencent Games immediately took out a separate version of a pubg for our country India. Which was named Battleground Mobile India and as soon as this game came, all the people who started playing Free Fire, all of them immediately downloaded and started playing Battleground Mobile India for their game, due to which Free Fire had a huge loss. Now Free Fire has been banned, due to which a lot of people with Free Fire are playing PUBG, due to which the Free Fire company Garena is suffering a lot and the company is trying more and more to bring its game back to India again. But the Government of India is not giving any response on this issue, that is why it is taking so long.



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